High-tech security inks

The fascinating and astonishing high-tech properties of innovative security inks enhance the protection and integrity of securities and bonds. Printing inks can prevent forgery and manipulation, they can act as a code, can be fluorescent or absorb certain wavelengths. Gleitsmann security inks exploit special coloured pigments and the physical properties of light. Only after being manipulated in a certain way do lettering or graphic elements become visible, change their appearance or become machine-readable. Gleitsmann Security Inks produces printing inks for different printing techniques.


Our engineers and technicians always rise to the challenge

Recipes, process methods and production techniques are constantly being refined. New materials, innovative printing techniques and security features – our engineers and chemists always rise to the challenge.

Innovative ink systems are constantly being developed in close collaboration with banknote designers and other experts working for the client.

Ask us if you are looking for something special. We also provide customised solutions to meet special requirements.


UV security feature mouveINK

GSI offers decision makers at ministries and central banks a new security feature type: A unique combination of two UV-colours together with a long-lasting durable green afterglow effect, not previously known to the industry. In addition, the patent-pending feature-ink combines well-established UV images with phosphorescence and a moving effect of interchanging colours. Please click here for more information


Infrared security feature glairINK

glairINK revolutionizes the way banknotes interact with authentication technology throughout their lifecycle. Our infrared machine-readable security features provide a perfect balance of security, cost and sustainability. 


Security inks for intaglio printing

Our high-performance intaglio inks permit environment-friendly wiping methods and effective drying.

The development of new binding agents and additives yields practical benefits such as outstanding ink adherence and problem-free processing. The inks are especially suitable for three and four colour applications and for direct and indirect ink transfer.

Gleitsmann’s intaglio inks have proven their superiority in the very latest printing machines all over the world.


Inks for offset printing

Gleitsmann’s offset security inks are mainly used as background inks for bank notes, share certificates and stamps. The inks are eminently suitable for multicolour simultaneous printing.

Superior performance on high-speed printing machines, including e.g. simultaneous double-sided printing, distinguish the offset security inks from Gleitsmann. Shift changes can easily be bridged without premature drying of the ink fountain or the transport rolls.


Inks for numbering

Gleitsmann’s numbering inks are distinguished by their superior machine performance. Printers value the good ink acceptance and the absence of gumming or filling-in of the type on the numbering unit.

The inks have been developed to meet the demands of the very latest printing machines. Gleitsmann’s numbering inks offer outstanding quality even at high printing speeds or low inking levels.