Gleitsmann Supplies Inks for Award Winning Regional Banknote of the Year

Gleitsmann freut sich, bekannt geben zu können, dass die von der National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) herausgegebene preisgekrönte regionale asiatische Banknote des Jahres ausschließlich mit Druckfarben von Gleitsmann Security Inks (GSI) gedruckt wurde.

The Award for the 15,000 Riel commemorative note was announced during last week’s HSP Conference in Yokohama, Japan. In an effort to ensure a high-speed production of the notes during summer this year, GSI had delivered very fast drying intaglio and offset inks to the expert team of NBC. Building on decades of experience in producing high security printing inks for many international customers, Gleitsmann was able to produce and ship more than a dozen inks within less than one month following first discussions with its customer.

“All of us at GSI in Berlin are extremely proud that the long-term supply relationship has enabled such a quick turnaround and that the performance of GSI’s inks resulted in a short production time and high printing quality. Achieving the award together with suppliers like Landqart proves the usability of our intaglio and offset inks for various banknote substrates.” said Ulrich Walter, Managing Director of GSI. Choosing GSI as the only supplier of inks for the commemorative note reduced the risk of the just-in-time production and strengthens the relationship between NBC and GSI.


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