Gleitsmann Security Inks Passes Banknote Ethics Initiative Accreditation

Die im Mai 2013 ins Leben gerufene Banknote Ethics Initiative (BnEI) hat nun dreizehn Mitglieder, nachdem die Gleitsmann Security Inks GmbH heute offiziell vom BnEI-Akkreditierungsrat akkreditiert wurde.

Gleitsmann Security Inks GmbH joins Canadian Bank Note Company Limited, CCL Secure, Crane Currency, De La Rue plc, G+D Currency Technology, KBA-NotaSys SA, Note Printing Australia Ltd, Orell Füssli Security Printing Ltd, Portals De La Rue Ltd, SICPA SA (Security Inks & Solutions Division), South African Banknote Company (Pty) Ltd and SURYS, which were earlier accredited after having completed the rigorous audits undertaken by either GoodCorporation or KPMG Brussels.

The BnEI Accreditation Council includes Philippa Foster Back CBE, Chair of the BnEI Accreditation Council, and Director of the Institute of Business Ethics in London, Lorna Thomas, Former Deputy Chief of Currency, Bank of Canada, and Josef Wieland, Director of Leadership Excellence at the Zeppelin University in Germany.

“All staff members at Gleitsmann Security Inks are very proud to have obtained the BnEI accreditation. Being a supplier of security printing inks and trusted partner of banknote printing companies worldwide since 1847, it is a logical and natural element of our strategy to demonstrate and prove adherence to highest international ethical standards by becoming a member of BnEI. At Gleitsmann Security Inks we strongly believe that our customers have every right to demand from all suppliers that strong anti-bribery, anti-corruption and anti-trust systems are in place and the day-to-day activities are guided by these standards,” said Ulrich Walter and Michael Fischer, the Managing Directors of Gleitsmann Security Inks.

“We are delighted that Gleitsmann Security Inks has demonstrated commitment to ethical business practices by successfully completing the thorough audit against the BnEI framework. The company is to be commended for the example it is setting, as are all the others who have joined the initiative,” said Philippa Foster Back.

Antti Heinonen, BnEI Chairman, welcomed the new member: “Now thirteen leading companies in the banknote industry have successfully completed the audits and have been accredited. Furthermore, 40 central banks from all continents have expressed their support to the overall objectives of BnEI. These are strong signals of the commitment of the banknote community to ethical business practices, fighting corruption and anti-competitive practices. BnEI has set the ethical standard in the industry to which all suppliers will be expected to perform.”

About the Banknote Ethics Initiative

The BnEI was launched at the Currency Conference in Athens in May 2013. It was established to provide guidance on ethical business practice, with a focus on the prevention of corruption and compliance with anti-trust legislation within the banknote industry. Maintaining high ethical standards across the banknote industry is essential in order to ensure that customers and other stakeholders are confident that the standards applied are beyond reproach. BnEI members must adhere to a strict Code of Ethical Business Practice. All the organisations that have signed this Code must become accredited after passing an audit that is carried out by a third-party auditor, either GoodCorporation or KPMG Brussels. For more information, please contact the Chair of the BnEI, Antti Heinonen.

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