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Gleitsmann Security Inks develops and produces security inks for central banks and their printing plants. The experts consult closely to create innovative, state-of-the-art solutions which incorporate all the latest technical possibilities. Security inks made by Gleitsmann play a unique role in many different areas of application: Banknotes, Security documents,  Tax-stamps. Interested in finding out more about our work? We would be delighted to send you our company brochure.

Customer proximity is not a question of distance —
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Security inks for intaglio printing

Our high-fastness intaglio inks permit environment-friendly wiping methods and effective drying.


Security inks for offset printing

Our offset security inks are mainly used as background inks for bank notes, share certificates and stamps.

Management System and Certifications

To improve the quality of our products and services, we have become the first German manufacturer of inks to introduce an Integrated Management System (IMS).

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Research and development are the cornerstones of all progress. Environment protection is one of Gleitsmann’s top priorities, from product development right through to production.

The range of top-quality inks covers a wide range of applications

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Gleitsmann Security Inks (GSI) has been a trusted, innovative provider of highly secure, durable and efficient inks for government entities worldwide since 1847. GSI continuously strives to improve its products, meeting latest requirements from its customers, i.e. Central Banks, State Printworks and Commercial Security printers. Customer centricity is not just a buzzword for GSI but has highest priority in every aspect of its operation. GSI’s technical and commercial customer service, operating from the headquarters in Berlin, provide support within hours from receiving a customer request. Besides the standard intaglio, offset and numbering inks GSI also provides cost efficient varnish solutions and an environmentally friendly series of silk-screen colors. GSI’s products are today used by more than 40 international customers and has recently been accredited by the Banknote Ethics Initiative (BnEI).