Our promise - Superior quality down to the finest detail

Soon after being founded Gleitsmann was producing both high-quality standard printing inks and innovative security inks. In the early years of the 20th century Gleitsmann had set up some European branch offices of which some have subsequently been taken over by hubergroup. The company has been based in Berlin since 1953.

The best printers have protected their products with Gleitsmann high-tech inks ever since.

The range of top-quality inks covers a wide range of applications.

  • Intaglio inks
  • Offset inks
  • Silkscreen inks
  • IR absorbing inks
  • Numbering inks
  • Magnetic inks
  • Luminescent inks
  • Banknote lacquers
  • Made-to-order special inks

All the inks are subjected to exacting tests in the Gleitsmann Test Center. Experience and know-how help ensure the success of all new products.